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Mission: The mission of Art in Bartow is to increase public awareness and enjoyment and to provide equitable accessible opportunities for residents and visitors to experience the arts. 

Vision: By creating memorable experiences, we generate community pride and foster a sense of belonging, while building an identity as a vibrant arts destination. We strive to present the highest quality, impactful art by spotlighting local artists, art educators and future artists. We highlight our history and culture by creating a public art program that brings interest to the arts and to our community in new ways.

Core Strategy: Explore partnerships with artists, arts organizations, public K-12 schools, government, Georgia Museums Inc., Georgia Highlands, local businesses, and private developers; to connect arts, artists and opportunities.


Identify opportunities for art in a variety of public spaces; foster diversity in the development and enjoyment of performing, visual, musical, literary arts and other cultural activities. Incorporate the work and ideas of artists and designers into public settings.


Champion public art and engage the community in the development and enjoyment of public art projects. Include citizens in creating a plan that is unique to the needs and desires of Bartow County. Provide a legacy of art and culture for future generations.


Develop public art outreach and information services. Raise public awareness of the cultural and economic contributions; including attracting industry, promoting identity and civic pride, attracting visitors and developing vibrant, creative spaces. 


Bring the community together through the marriage of art and history unique to Bartow County. Encourage public dialogue as we tell our history through the arts.

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