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Education Connection

Just before the 2022-23 school year, Art in Bartow hosted Bartow County Art teachers for a luncheon. During that single meal we learned so much about the joys they have in sharing the arts and the challenges they face in supplying their classrooms. We absolutely understand that budgets are always tight and there are so many needs in our schools. Right away, we knew Art in Bartow wanted to help, but how can we support each school equally when the number of students vary greatly?


Art in Bartow did a survey of the schools and compared the students in attendance with the monies supplied for art through the school budget. When looking at the elementary schools, the numbers showed that when averaged out, each teacher received less than .50 per child to teach the full curriculum for the year. While needs and budgets vary greatly, we can all agree that teachers need at least $1 per student to teach art!


That is when the “Dollar for Art” campaign was created. We would fund each teacher with one dollar for each student they see in their classrooms. ($1 for Art). So, if an elementary school has 465 students they would receive a check for $465. If they have 875 students, that teacher would receive a check for $875. It's that simple! Anyone can donate online now. All donations are tax deductible and every dollar goes directly into the classrooms to be used as the teacher sees fit. If you visit and click on $1 for ART you'll see so many wonderful options. You can donate any amount to the campaign, or you can sponsor an entire school! Based on the 2022-23 numbers here is what we're hoping to fund:


$769 for Adairsville Elementary School

$414 for Allatoona Elementary School

$615 for Clear Creek Elementary School

$651 for Cloverleaf Elementary School

$382 for Emerson Elementary School - SPONSORED

$478 for Euharlee Elementary School - SPONSORED

$568 for Hamilton Crossing Elementary School

$485 for Kingston Elementary School

$440 for Mission Road Elementary School

$377 for Pine Log Elementary School

$548 for Taylorsville Elementary School

$573 for White Elementary School

$1,101 for Cartersville Primary School

$952 for Cartersville Elementary School


As the public art commission for Bartow County, we focus on finding ways to connect artists and opportunities. What better way to support the arts for this community than to give to these amazing teachers and future artists!

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