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project. S.T.E.A.M. Sculpture Walk

installation. 2020

city. 429 W Main St, Cartersville, GA 30120


Chilling Warmth by J. Doyle Rogers, stainless steel
Genetically Modified by J. Doyle Rogers, stainless steel
Friction by J. Doyle Rogers, stainless steel

Not Well by J. Doyle Rogers, stainless steel

No More Surprises by J. Doyle Rogers, stainless steel

Lost: Soul by J. Doyle Rogers, stainless steel


STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. Together, these are the disciplines that help us develop knowledge about the world. The sculptures in this exhibit encompass all parts of STEAM. Each features a scientific idea or concept including chemical reactions, kinetic energy, heat production, biology and more. The production of the pieces out of stainless steel by sculptor, J Doyle Rogers, are examples of solid engineering and art and design. 

Not Well
Thermometers help us measure temperature. Inside many traditional thermometers like this is a silver element called mercury. It is dangerous to humans and wildlife when they are exposed to it. How do you think a thermometer works? The mercury in the thermometer bulb expands when something is hot and contracts when something is cool. 


Friction is caused when two sources rub together and cause a scientific reaction. In the case of this match, the matchstick head is covered with a sulfur mixture combined with powdered glass. The side of the matchbox is also very rough and covered with powdered glass and phosphorus. When the two rough surfaces are rubbed together, it creates heat and lights the match. 

Genetically Modified
Vaccinations are a way to keep people from getting sick. We use syringes to help give people medicine. Inside the syringe, is a cylinder. We pull the cylinder back, and the liquid is pulled into the tube. When we push the cylinder forward, the liquid is pushed out of the needle. Syringes are not new. The concept dates back to as early as the 9th century, or 900 AD! What does the puddle of liquid look like? What came first the chicken or the egg? 

No More Surprises
A Jack-in-the box is a classic toy! It works by twisting a crank, attached to a music box inside. The character inside the box is pushed down by a spring. When the music box reaches a certain note, it trips the latch and the spring unwinds and POP! it opens. When the spring is wound, it's using "potential" energy, and when it is released, it's moving and using "kinetic" 

energy. Do you have a jack-in-the box toy? Once you know how it works, does it still surprise you? 

Lost: Soul
The puppet is a marionette. Marionettes have strings attached to their arms and legs. Marionettes work by having the puppeteer move the strings to bring the puppet to life, meaning to make it move and dance. Pinocchio, in the fairy tale, was also a wooden marionette. He desperately wanted to be a real boy, a human being. He wanted to be able to move without the help of Geppetto or any other person. 

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